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Quinn’s bid for Mayor may be weaker than it appears


By now you’ve all read the scathing article in the New York Times regarding Christine Quinn’s temper issue. It must be serious when the New York Times runs a full length story on how she treats her colleagues and constituents. Anyway, the story confirms what Queens-Politics has been writing for quite some time about Quinn’s vindictive and outright nasty behavior, especially to Queens-based legislators.

We have to ask, is this type of leader we want at the helm of the greatest city in the world? Our city?There’s no way to justify her methods. Scratch the surface and a little light appears. According to my sources, there’s a silent concern among Democratic Party leaders that Quinn has been getting weaker due in part that she has surrounded herself with the most corrupt and sleazy band of influence peddlers this city has ever seen.

Lobbyists have gone crazy sort of a feeding frenzy in a shark tank. Everyone wants a piece of the action. There’s double-dipping, consultants secretly working for more that one mayoral candidate, there’s even a bunch of Benedict Arnold Conservative types that promised to deliver conservative areas in exchange for who knows what. Truth is these guys couldn’t deliver a ham sandwich, but they all know one thing: she will play ball. It’s an old trick where half the firm serves GOP and the other half for Democrats; it’s like a tradition, doing business as such and such company.

We are dealing with the 21st Century Boss Tweed.

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