Zebrowski Proposes Redistricting of East Ramapo School District

Assemblyman pushes for study to develop plan to create a new public school district


Assemblyman Ken Zebrowski (D-Rockland) announced today that he is proposing a redistricting of the current East Ramapo School District that will partition territory to create a new public school district that better represents public school enrollment. The proposal is an effort to develop a long term solution to the challenges that have plagued the district over the past several years.

“East Ramapo is a school district in crisis.  This type of instability is not healthy for the community and is certainly not healthy for the education of the students,” said Assemblyman Zebrowski.

Under Zebrowski’s proposal, an independent, external organization that specializes in education policy will study the feasibility of creating two separate districts. The proposal aims to create a new public school district that will consist mostly of public students. It also will include an inter-district school choice program that will allow students, regardless of their residence, the opportunity to attend public school. The reorganization proposal will provide the public school community the autonomy of governance over their children’s education.

“At some point we have to face the reality that the old paradigm is not working for the problems facing the East Ramapo School District.  The conflict between the current board and parents has reached an unprecedented level while the children suffer.  I have yet to hear any plan that would provide a long term solution or workable model for the district in the future.  I believe its time that we examine all options; even those that may have seemed previously unrealistic.”

Assemblyman Zebrowski will be working to secure funding in this year’s budget to study this proposal, and others that will provide a long term workable framework for the district.  The study will examine the impact of reorganization on the tax levy, state aid enrollment and educational program for all students. Following the study, the recommendations will be presented to the public to solicit input and comment.

“The study will provide our community with the information necessary to make bold and innovative decisions regarding the future of the East Ramapo School District,” concluded Zebrowski.