Dear RC Times Editor,

I needed to take the time to write you and thank you for your continued support regarding the irresponsible journalism and extremely poor decision the Journal News made in making public the interactive map of pistol permits holders in Rockland County.  I am a retired NYPD officer and currently the president of the Rockland County Shields. The RC Shields is a fraternal organization consisting of over 1,400 active and retired members of law enforcement who work or reside in our county.

I can not emphasize enough how angry this invasion of privacy has made myself and my members. In response to this and the subsequent passing of the new gun laws by our governor, I will be encouraging my membership to have the memory of an elephant and show their disapproval at the voting booth when these so-called politicians come up for reelection.

All this new gun law will do is restrict legal pistol permit holders. The criminals will not be concerned how many rounds they load into their magazines.  Too bad our elected officials did not seek the advice of the professionals before drafting this ridiculous new law.

Additionally, I will encourage the members to support your publication which can only be described as a voice of reason and common sense throughout this entire ordeal. I will also advise them to boycott the Journal News and all its advertisers.

My members have many family and friends who no doubt will support them as well in this endeavor. The last thing an officer or retired officer needs to worry about while out performing his or her duties is if his family is being targeted because of some idiotic red dot map listing his residence as a location where some low-life can seek out weapons.

There is much that needs to be done to amend and correct the flaws in this new law. This is just the beginning of what may be a tough journey, but law-abiding pistol permit holders and professionals in law enforcement will not rest until the inadequacies are corrected.  Keep up the good work, in my opinion you are now Rockland’s premier news publication.

John Pinto
Rockland County Shields


  1. Thank you John, for your letter and comments. I welcome a boycott of the Journal News and their advertisers for the newspaper’s deliberate and irresponsible publishing of personal information of legal and law-abiding citizens of Rockland and Westchester Counties.The boycott should continue until the Journal News publishes a full page apology containing a list of DISMISSED Editors who are responsible for this outrage which has caused a real threat to the safety of the general public.