Hurricane Sandy victims who sustained damage from the storm are finding out that rebuilding their homes will be a challenge, says NYS Senator David Carlucci, with many Rockland County residents now discovering the growth of toxic black mold from the lingering effects of water damage.  If left untreated, this can pose a serious health hazard that can result in prolonged sickness.  Mold is also difficult to locate and can grow in areas in the household that can be difficult to locate without professional mold remediation services conducting their own inspections.

In the case of a couple from the Village of Piermont, the problem these homeowners face is being exacerbated by the poor response from their insurance company, Carlucci said, which to date has not provided the thousands of dollars to compensate for their loss. Both are currently believed to be suffering from “Sandy Cough,” and without the financial help soon, they may be forced to evacuate the place they call home.

Senator David Carlucci (D-Rockland/Westchester), a member of the New York State Senate Bipartisan Task Force on Hurricane Sandy Recovery, will address these issues and announce legislation to help homeowners respond in a timely fashion to get them the help they need to rebuild. Carlucci will bring local media on a tour of James and Veronica Artrip Piermont home this Wednesday, to highlight the difficulties local hurricane survivors are facing, and how the state plans to assist in their recover.




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