Legislators to Announce Actions Surrounding Confidentiality for Pistol Permit Applicants on Friday

Rockland County Legislator Frank Sparaco will announce a resolution to condemn the decision by the Journal News to post the names and addresses of lawful pistol permit holders in Rockland and Westchester Counties. Legislators Jay Hood, Jr., Aron Wieder, Toney Earl and Christopher Carey will join Sparaco to condemn the action.

Legislators Sparaco, Schoenberger, Hood, Wieder, Earl and Carey will announce support of proposed state legislation to amend the penal law in relation to the confidentiality of information contained in an application for a pistol license. Legislators Schoenberger and Sparaco will recommend a program by the Rockland County Sheriff’s Office for the free distribution of firearms cable safety locks to owners of firearms who are residents of Rockland County.

Also present and in support of these measures will be  Rockland County Clerk Paul Piperato, Rockland County Sheriff Louis Falco,  Kristen Stavisky, the chairwoman of the Rockland Democratic Party, Vincent Reda, chairman of the Rockland Republican Party, John Perrotta, chairman of the Rockland Independence Party, and Edward Lettre, chairman of the Rockland Conservative Party.