“Dividing the Estate” at Antrim Goes on After Power Comes Back


Antrim Playhouse’s latest production “Dividing the Estate” is a play about a dysfunctional family in Texas that becomes even more dysfunctional when granddaddy dies. The extended family all thinks there may be great inheritances from his land and money, but the surviving matriarch, Stella (Rachel Gordon), is in no hurry to find the truth.

Stella keeps lending her son, Lewis (Kevin Cannon), the chunks of cash he says that he desperately needs. Son, played by Kevin Vislocky, is in charge of administering the estate and has had a lot of problems. Because the estate is in probate, he must deal with lawyers wanting fees while he tries to establish real value of the estate.

The most impatient is daughter Mary Jo (Joann Lamneck), who with her husband, Bob (Marty Andreas), is in real financial trouble. They are facing foreclosure on their home.

Add in Son’s girlfriend Pauline (Andrea Seigel), daughter Lucille, Mara Karg, house workers for the Gordon Estate in Harrison, Texas, Doug (Keith Bullock) who is 92, Sissy (Dana Pentimone), Emily (Theodora Kimmel) and Irene (Marisa Gore), and you have quite a cast that takes the story written by author Horton Foote to its comedic and sometimes tragic heights.

The show is directed by Bobby Schevitz and produced by Lori Adelson and Mara-Lynn Brenner. “Dividing The Estate” is a story of greed that gets comical at times and is a good lesson for those who leave estates in probate, instead of putting them in irrevocable trusts.

There is some very fine acting in this vehicle and “Dividing The Estate” provides an entertaining evening of theatre. I rate “Dividing The Estate” Three Stars out of Four!!!.

It will be presented again November 16, 17 and 18. Tickets at Antrimplayhouse.com.