Lowdown on Monday’s Village of Haverstraw Board Meeting


The trustees of the Village of Haverstraw met briefly Monday night at village hall to discuss the impact of Superstorm Sandy and take action on several agenda items.

During individual reports, village attorney Jay Hood, asked the trustees to authorize him to settle a tax cert dispute with Tilcon. The tax cert is for a reduction and refund of $40,000 for the year 2009. The measure passed unanimously.

The trustees also voted to add an extra council to their ongoing condemnation appeal case with AAA Electric. The addition comes as a request from Ginsburg Development Companies with all extra costs to be born by them.

In the mayor’s report, Mayor Michael Kohut praised the village’s first responders, and the DPW workers for their actions during and after Superstorm Sandy.

Kohut said that the storm caused significant damage to Emeline Park and Civiles Restaurant, both of which are village property. The village DPW building was severely damaged by with surge waters during the storm, and will need significant renovations. For the clean up there, the trustees voted to contract with Servpro for a cost of $5,119.38.

They also voted to rent a construction trailer to provide temporary office space for those DPW offices that were damaged when the building flooded. Those costs are expected to be $2,058 for three months, and will hopefully be born by FEMA or insurance as things progress. Both measures passed unanimously.

“We’re being proactive in trying to stay ahead of things and keep ourselves operative,” said Kohut.

Also as a reminder, the Village of Haverstraw overnight parking rules will go into effect on November 15. Parking permits can be purchased at village hall.

The Village of Haverstaw Trustees will meet again Monday, November 19 at 8 p.m.