Controversial religious teacher Rabbi Noson Leiter

Rabbi Noson Leiter, president of the activist group Torah Jews for Decency and Rockland County resident, has caused waves in the past by associating natural disasters with the LGBT movement and abortion.

Prior to New York passing “marriage equality” last June Leiter editorialized that Noah’s flood was provoked by same-sex relations and natural disasters can be expected as a result of this legislation.

After Sandy, he was at it again, imploring New Yorkers that when God’s laws are broken there can be unexpected consequences. This time his comments caught the attention of the nation’s blogosphere and ultimately, high ranking politicians.

“The comments made by Rabbi Noson Leiter that sought to link the devastation caused by Hurricane Sandy to our state’s embrace of marriage equality are as offensive as they are ignorant,” Governor Andrew Cuomo said in a statement rebuking the rabbi.

“This catastrophic storm claimed the lives of more than 40 New Yorkers. This kind of hateful rhetoric has no place in our public discourse, and is particularly distasteful in times of tragedy. Our state is proud to offer equal rights to all our citizens, and we will never tolerate the use of a tragedy like Hurricane Sandy to promote a divisive and bigoted agenda. I call on Rabbi Leiter to apologize immediately for his hurtful comments,” the governor concluded.