Rockland County Executive C. Scott Vanderhoef today reached out to state officials to alert them that Rockland County faces a shortage of petroleum, the result of the recent closure of the Port of New York, and ongoing power outages at gas suppliers, as a result of Hurricane Sandy. During the course of the day many residents were seen lining up at the few stations that hadn’t yet emptied their reserves. A number of gas station managers in Rockland were only able to guess when the next deliveries would be arriving. Without power, some supply stations have not been able to make their regular deliveries.

“I encourage consumers to conserve fuel and avoid unnecessary driving as stations are being reopened and restocked. Many of our stations have shut due to flooding, lack of power, or no fuel,” said Vanderhoef. “We expect independent distributors to move with deliberate speed to help meet consumer demand for fuel. In addition, the County will do all in its power to ensure that emergency responders and other essential service providers requesting fuel have an adequate supply. During this period, which we hope will be very short, I urge all to conserve fuel when possible and exercise patience as our gas stations are resupplied,” he added.