Boulder Stadium becomes Home Base for Emergency Ice Distribution


In the aftermath of Hurricane Sandy, long lines of cars packed the roads surrounding Boulder Stadium as police and Orange & Rockland personnel coordinated emergency ice distribution.

The emergency services at the stadium began on October 30, when dry ice was provided to attendees before the services were cut short due to limited supplies. Those waiting in line reported that supplies were so limited that Orange and Rockland’s supplies lasted only thirty minutes.

“It started at one and it was out by 1:30 p.m.,” Rockland resident Vince Costelon said.

As power outages continue across the county, residents have had concerns about not only perishable food, but also medical supplies such as insulin for diabetics, which must be refrigerated.

On October 31, distribution resumed at 2 p.m., but was complicated by conflicting information on when the ice was being distributed and what type of ice would be provided. Residents reported frustration with a lack of adequate information, reporting beliefs that the distribution would begin at one, two, and 4 p.m.

Residents also expressed confusion with what type of ice, dry or wet, would be provided. According to distributors, the only ice available on October 31 was wet ice, but the supplies were anticipated to be enough for everybody.

“Based on yesterday’s turnout, we should have an ample supply,” Orange and Rockland employee Steven Orman stated.

Orman and other workers stated that to the best of their knowledge, there was no shortage of ice and that distribution in Rockland County was not related to services in surrounding areas, including New York City, and that complications with one service provider’s ice situation would not impact Orange and Rockland’s operations.