On Sunday, before Sandy’s winds even got severe, Clarkstown’s new constituent representative for the Highway Department Frank Sparaco was on the receiving end of a violent display by mother nature.

Pictured here is the windshield and interior of Sparaco’s own SUV, the first official Rockland County victim of Hurricane Sandy. Sparaco, who also is a county legislator, was delivering sandbags Sunday afternoon to Clarkstown residents when a branch flew into his window and nearly knocked his head off.

Sparaco recovered and called town hall, getting a town car so he could finish delivering sandbags, as the town geared up for one of the worst storms in local history.


  1. @ Trudy LaForgia are you kidding me?? This guy is out delivering sand bags for hurricane preperation to clarkstown citizens!! what were you doing? trying to figure out how you got your butt kicked a few years ago when you actually tried to run for town supervisor! (GROMACK!!!) He doesn’t belong there? Let me ask you if one of the animals you so called police’d in the city Shot you would you want people to say “she didnt belong there’?? Lets face you were NYPD brass before you retired. DID you really belong there or were you simply a Quota?? Do yourself a favor get some plactic surgery, your ugly soul is starting to show through that wrinkled face……. BTL BITTER TRUDY LAFORGIA