Rockland County Represents at Comic-Con


Popularity of event is surging

The crowds at NYC Comic Con 2012

Last weekend, the geek bat signal shown brightly over New York City’s Jacob Javits Convention Center, as thousands of people flocked to the annual New York City Comic Book Convention.

Attendees came expecting to see anything and everything at the convention and they rarely left disappointed. From booths overflowing with comic books, to groups of people dressed up in elaborate costumes, the trip down comic book lane is otherworldly every year. As a result the convention has enjoyed a burgeoning popularity.

Guests to the show attended panels discussing a variety of topics, and even met some of their literary, movie, or TV idols for a chat and an autograph. One of the special guests at this year’s NYC Comic Con was Rockland County author Emmy Laybourne. On day three of the four-day convention she delighted a crowd of fans with a panel on the topic of post-apocalyptic literature, called “Post-Apocalypse Now.”

Her latest novel, the young adult hit “Monument 14,” inspired the topic of the panel. The story is set in the near future, where a series of freak events leave 14 teenagers trapped in a Walmart-esque superstore while the world collapses around them. Since its release earlier this year, “Monument 14,” has received a lot of positive attention, including a sterling New York Times review.

Laybourne who is a New York City native worked for years in Hollywood as an actress, comedian, and screenwriter. Those fans of Saturday Night Live movie spinoffs may recognize her from her co-starring role in the 1999 film “Superstar,” with Will Ferrell and Molly Sharon.

Local author Emmy Laybourne

However, Laybourne says that her real passion is writing and she is happy to be back in New York. Currently she is working the sequels to “Monument 14,” the first of which will be coming out next summer.

During her Comic Con appearance over the weekend, Laybourne and her co-host Kevin Maher planned the panel to be more of a show than a serious discussion. The event was complete with end of the world trivia and prizes to help you survive the apocalypse.

There were even several music pieces, including a delightful number where Laybourne gave a musical rendition of the top questions and answers she received during her recent book tour. Laybourne will also be hosting a workshop on November 9 at Green Meadow Waldorf School in Chestnut Ridge called “Exploding Writer’s Block!”

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