Drama in Hell’s Kitchen at Haverstraw’s Shades Repertory Theatre


All of the action in the play “Dive Bar,” takes place in the late 80s at a bar in the Hell’s Kitchen area of New York City. The main character, Jerry, owns the bar, which he calls ”Jerry’s Place.” He and a friend opened it after they returned from service in Vietnam.

During the play Jerry resists suggestions that he should change the bar to bring in more young people as developers begin sniffing around the area. The play revolves around the relationships between Jerry, his friends, and employees, as he deals with plots attempting to force him to sell the bar.

The topflight acting is provided by some very professional community theatre actors and actresses including George Raboni, as Jerry, Rick Levi as Mikey, Anthony Santucci as Danny. Ron Schnittker as Thomas Keegan, and Sandra Lucas as Cassidy. The play is directed by Joe Albert Lima and produced by Penny Buccafuri and Robin Phillips and Raboni.

The acting is topflight especially by Raboni and Nagle. Sam Harpes of Shades Repertory handle the musics that backgrounds the action.

With direction from Joe Albert Lima, “Dive Bar,” is an intriguing portrayal of the turmoil of a small businessman. Jerry is loyal to his friends and opposes all the advances of the show’s heavy man. Overall “Dive Bar,” is well directed with continuous action and a well-rehearsed cast.

The ending is great, and is something you’ll have to see for yourself. “Dive Bar,” is playing again this week October 18 – 20. For tickets and information visit: http://www.shadesrep.com/ or call: 845-675-8044.

I rate “Dive Bar,” Two and One Half Stars Out of Four.