Haverstraw Brick Museum Presents “Along the Minisceongo”

Photo: Tom McGuire

Hudson Valley Exhibits, Inc. will have the grand opening of its new exhibit “Along the Minisceongo” on Sunday, Oct. 14, 2 p.m. at the Haverstraw Brick Museum.

The exhibit consists of approximately 30 panels, on which are displayed photos and documents pertaining to varied topics – everything from Hurricane Irene’s effect on local buildings, the flooding of the soccer field and the entrance to the parkway, to the old Peck Railroad and Peck’s Dock.

The grand opening program will feature a slide presentation by Gordon Wren. Additional speakers will be Supervisor Howard T. Phillips, Jr. and Mayor John Ramundo of West Haverstraw.

Local citizens have written commentaries on farming and grist mills, and what they are, on some of the panels. Panels have photos of the old Garner Mansion, the Peck Mansion, and biographies of Henry Garner and Elisha Peck.

There are panels describing the building of the old Orange & Rockland plant and the necessity of re-routing the Minisceongo Creek. The exhibit was created by Corinne McGeorge and will remain at the Haverstraw Brick Museum through the end of November.