I would like to thank all residents of the 99th Assembly District that voted for me along with all of grassroots Team Schmitt family, friends, and supporters. Just a short while ago I conceded to my primary rival and wished him the best of luck as he proceeds to the general election. Despite seemingly insurmountable odds we attained ballot access on the Republican line and forced a write-in primary on the Conservative line. With zero party support and going against a sitting elected official with the full backing of three political parties our grassroots team worked every day to deliver an alternative to the voters of this wonderful 99th Assembly District.

Our state is suffering and we deserve better. The dedicated group of individuals and organizations that supported me truly believed and still believe in that mantra and my showing in the primary proves that many in our community do as well. While clearly we would have preferred to have been the winners of the September 13 primary our efforts are not without success. The grassroots have delivered a message that we will not just settle for what party bosses dictate. I am excited by the grassroots base that has been created and hope that others across our area see what we have been able to accomplish and are inspired to speak up and offer an alternative in their local area, especially as local and county races heat up in 2013.

While we fell 80 something votes short, I won four towns, lost four towns, and tied another. Based on preliminary numbers I won a majority of election districts across the 10 towns that comprise the 99th Assembly District. A direct correlation can be found with districts I carried and areas my grassroots team focused on with door-to-door and other voter contact efforts. I would like to specifically thank Orange County Right to Life and Wendy Wood and all members that supported me, Carl Paladino, Tea Party Works and Sheryl Thomas and all members that worked on my behalf, UFOA and the extended FDNY community. I would be nothing without all the volunteers on my campaign including but not limited to Karyn Hudgens-Gorman, Joe Candela, Lindsey Fredrico, Joe Coyle, Terence Mahoney, countless CRs and other friends and supporters. Of course I am forever grateful for the love and support of my entire family including my mother Jill, father John, sister Hannah, and beautiful girlfriend Alexandra.


Colin Schmitt

2012 GOP primary candidate for the 99th Assembly District