Rockland County Clerk Announces Significant Savings Through eRecording

Press Release

Rockland County Clerk Paul Piperato announced last week that Rockland County has started to electronically record (eRecord) real estate and land use records this month.

This enhancement is expected to save the county approximately $125,000 dollars annually.

The County Clerk’s Office normally receives approximately 65,000 paper or mailed-in documents each week. Historically, these documents would all have been recorded manually, which involves cumbersome and time-consuming processes.

“Not only do we now have a paperless digital recording solution, but the new technology enables us to electronically process deeds, mortgages, satisfactions andother important time-sensitive documents in seconds, not hours,” said Piperato.

Rockland and Westchester will be the first two counties in New York State to go live with eRecording, which is currently optional for land records filers. Rockland has partnered with several eRecording providers, including CSC Ingeo, a nationwide provider who uses advanced digital document technology based on mortgage industry standards endorsed by both the national and local recording industries.

Secure communication standards keep all document interactions and transmissions private, and digital signatures verify document content and signer identity—providing important non-repudiation for submitted records.

According to Piperato, he expects to substantially improve turnaround time and reduce the processing costs as a result of the implementation of eRecording during the next year alone. Earlier this month he accepted the eRecording Leadership Award for Outstanding Vision and Dedication to the eRecording Industry in the State of New York from CSC Ingeo. “I am proud to say that eRecording has moved our county into the forefront of document management and processing,” said Piperato.