Our Lying Presidents


Originally published by World Net Daily and Freedom Watch

“Quel Surprise,” as they say in France. It turns out that both President Barack Hussein Obama and Gov. Mitt Romney now believe that Washington, D.C., cannot be reformed from within and that only We the People hold the keys to saving the kingdom. The “mullah in chief” made this “revelation” – contrary to his earlier pronouncements during his 2008 campaign that only he could effect change from inside government –last week during an interview on Latin television in Miami.

Romney, the would-be “flip-flopper in chief,” on the other hand, who said the same thing as Obama during his 2008 primary presidential campaign, now – to take a cheap political shot at Obama – says that if elected to the presidency, only he can make change from the banks of the Potomac.

In short, these two hypocritical, lying fools are themselves mascots for what is wrong with our country’s leadership and why we are sinking faster than a rock domestically and overseas. Yes, change must come from outside of Washington, D.C., as We the People have been lied to and abused for too long by the likes of both Obama and Romney. It’s time for revolution, plain and simple.

But how did we come full circle to the point of revolution, just 236 years after the Declaration of Independence was signed in Philadelphia? Just look at the words and deeds of our presidents in the last 50 years, and you can see a worsening pattern of deceit and corruption among them.

Following the death of President John F. Kennedy in 1963, the cavalcade of slimeballs in the White House (except for President Ronald Reagan) reached epidemic proportions. First, there was President Lyndon Baines Johnson, who lied his way into committing more than 500,000 troops to Vietnam, resulting in over 55,000 deaths and hundreds of thousands maimed.

And, having lost the war to boot, as it now turns out, Vietnam is on friendly terms with the United States and hardly a major problem. There is also some evidence to suggest that Johnson, a ruthless and corrupt man who came into the presidency as a former school teacher and congressman and “miraculously” left a multi-millionaire – and who can be heard soliciting bribes on White House recordings available on C-SPAN ‘s archives – may have had a role in his predecessor’s assassination.

Following Johnson, We the People were treated to President Richard Nixon and the famous Watergate scandal, where our commander in chief also can be heard on White House tape recordings conspiring to obstruct justice by planning burglaries, bribing witnesses and an assortment of other crimes. Ironically, despite this, and only by default, Nixon was hardly the worst president of my lifetime, despite having put into effect a disastrous wage and price freeze that sent companies like my father’s and grandfather’s pork-packing business, I. Klayman & Co., into bankruptcy. At least, to his credit, he was not a traitor, as several other presidents following him proved to be.

When President Nixon was forced to resign over Watergate, the next occupant of the Oval Office became Gerald Ford. Never elected, but ascending from appointed vice president to the office of the president by default, Ford was too disengaged and vacuous to do real damage. He was simply a caretaker until defeated by the peanut farmer and then-governor of Georgia, Jimmy Carter, in 1976.

In the four years Carter controlled the presidency, he nearly destroyed the nation both economically and in foreign affairs. While his economic attack on the nation is well-known – inflation over 20 percent by the time he was thrown out of office – he bent over to Muslim interests in Iran, effectively participating in the overthrow of the shah, who was a great friend to the United States and the West in general.

In his place came the current crop of Neo-Nazi Islamic mullahs in Tehran, who now are on the verge of acquiring nuclear weapons with their avowed goal to destroy Israel and the United States, not to mention wanting to annihilate as may Jews and Christians as they get their hands on as part of their effort to spearhead a Muslim revolution in the Middle East and worldwide.

Carter’s disdain for Israel did not come without reward. Just look on the wall of the lobby to his presidential library at my alma mater Emory University in Atlanta, and you will find the names of filthy rich Arabs (some of whom were indicted in the infamous BCCI banking scandal) who mostly paid for this testament to his traitorous deceit.

President Ronald Reagan, despite Iran-Contra (which I believe can be attributed to a dishonest rogue White House aide named Col. Oliver North), was the only great president in my lifetime. For an all-too-brief eight years, he restored American confidence and courage and set us on an upward path to greatness.

But this was dashed when he was succeeded by his vice president, George H.W. Bush, in 1988, who quickly proceeded to raise taxes, contrary to his election pledge to the American people. His lying self played a large role in his loss to Bill Clinton in 1992.

The next eight years saw a world indoor record for corruption and scandal, as Bill Clinton, “the criminal in chief,” with the aid of his felonious first lady, Hillary, perpetrated over 38 scandals, including his traitorous acts I helped uncover in the Chinagate scandal. The Monica Lewinsky scandal, for which Clinton was impeached, was in reality the least of Clinton’s misdeeds. His lying became so infamous that David Schippers, the House impeachment manager, wrote an epic book entitled “No One Left to Lie To.”

Following Clinton, of course, came President George W. Bush, who lied his way into the deadly, costly and counterproductive Iraq war, and now President Obama, whose lying, deceit and traitorous acts are regrettably all-too-fresh in our minds.

Yes, Washington, D.C., must be legally dismantled, and it must come from outside of this indelibly corrupt town. For once, Obama and Romney are both right, but their means to effect needed change are at odds with our own.

To the barricades, patriots!

Larry Klayman is a former Justice Department prosecutor and the founder of Judicial Watch and Freedom Watch. His latest book is “Whores: Why and How I Came to Fight the Establishment.”