Statement from NYGOP Chairman Ed Cox on Mitt Romney’s Selection of Paul Ryan as Running Mate

New York GOP Chairman Ed Cox released the following statement today, following the announcement of Paul Ryan as Governor Mitt Romney’s VP candidate:

“Congratulations to Wisconsin Representative Paul Ryan on being chosen as Mitt Romney’s running mate.

“As a seven term Congressman, Chairman of the House Budget Committee, and a member of the House Ways & Means Committee, Paul Ryan is a proven and effective leader making him well-qualified to be Vice President of the United States.

“Congressman Ryan’s legislative experience compliments Governor Romney’s business acumen and executive experience, creating a team uniquely qualified to lead us back from the brink of economic disaster brought about by three and a half years of failed economic policy under President Obama.

“Americans cannot afford four more years of out-of-control government spending, high taxes, and job killing regulations. Come November, America’s Comeback Team will once again put America on the path to Freedom and prosperity.”