Broken Water Main Leaves Nyackers Thirsty

A broken water main in West Nyack resulted in the area losing water service on Saturday, August 11. Repairs are underway by the Nyack Water Company.

The problem main is located on North Greenbush Road in West Nyack. It’s suspected that the pipe broke due to aging infrastructure.

Nyack Hospital and Fire Department have been notified and briefed on the problem. Nearby residents should boil water from the tap before using it as a health precaution.

The water outage affected local businesses in West and Central Nyack. Many restaurants and cafes had to close because they didn’t have any water, including restaurants at the Palisades Center Mall.

Even once the water is turned back on it will not necessarily be suitable right out of the facet. An advisory will go out when the water is clean and able to be drunk. Until then, boil the water from the faucet before using.