Playwright Tom Dudzick of Nyack Writes From Experience

Dudzick provides script for Penguin Rep’s next show “Don’t Talk to the Actors”


While working Off-Broadway in New York City, Tom Dudzick was told as a playwright that you don’t talk to the actors because they’ll want you to rewrite the script.

Dudzick has taken this idea to his next play at Penguin Repertory in Stony Point where three of his previous plays have scored well audiences, “Miracle On South Division Street,” “Over The Tavern” and “Greetings.” Penguin is bringing in former “Three’s Company” actor Richard Kline and two-time Tony Award nominee Beth Fowler to head up a cast of six in the play “Don’t Talk to the Actors” that opens Friday, August 3 and runs through August 26, at the gutsiest little theatre Off-Broadway with a lawn.

Dudzick says the play is a backstage comedy that involves a leading man working his wiles on an actress, pretending he is in love with her, while actually having ulterior motives. “There are many situations that evolve in this play,” Dudzick tells the Rockland County Times.

His record at Penguin speaks for itself with all three of his previous plays produced there receiving rave reviews. “Miracle On South Division Street” is now being produced Off-Broadway in New York and Dudzick has marketed the play for Fort Meyers in Florida, Buffalo, NY and Munster, Illinois, a suburb of Chicago.

Dudzick, who now resides in Nyack, grew up in Buffalo where he got his first experience in show business, writing songs and performing in musicals on a showboat dinner theatre on a Mississipi paddlewheeler. He had been leaning toward acting and writing in his school days at Fredonia State College.

He says he wrote “Don’t Talk to the Actors” with Kline and Fowler in mind as the stars. Tickets for the show at 845-786-2843 or