Schmitt takes Roddey to court over petitions, Roddey accuses Schmitt of BS-ing public

Assembly candidate Colin Schmitt has filed an “invalidating petition” in State Supreme Court against opponent Kyle Roddey. Both men are running in the Republican Primary for the 99th Assembly District.

Schmitt said he believes Roddey’s petitions contain inconsistencies. “We must protect the integrity of the electoral process in this country and more importantly protect the sacred right each American and New Yorker has to vote in a fraud free election,” said Schmitt.

Kyle Roddey, who is currently mayor of the Village of Goshen, criticized the lawsuit filed by Colin Schmitt, calling it a “more hype, no substance” campaign tactic and a waste of taxpayer money. “Mr. Schmitt’s lawsuit is a fishing expedition with false accusations and a lack of substance to support his claims,” said Roddey. “He is already running to Albany to waste taxpayer money by tying up the courts with a meritless suit.”

He also criticized Schmitt for commencing his lawsuit with an “emergency” affirmation. “There are real emergencies in the courts,” said Roddey.

Schmitt said his complaint is valid. “[Roddey] has perverted the process. In a disgusting display of arrogance he submitted flaw-laden petitions demonstrating his campaigns complete disorganization and lack of respect for Republican Primary voters and those who participated in the petitioning process,” said Schmitt.

Schmitt’s campaign has retained the counsel of Joseph P. DePaola

Roddey attacked Schmitt for allegedly employing a sneaky campaign tactic of his own, announcing $13,725 of campaign funds in his January report, when Roddey said $7,000 “was clearly loaned to him” from close family members, one of which was his mother.

Roddey also said the $7,000 was given back to those donors later in the campaign season. Schmitt acknowledged the money was returned, but said it was due to financial need on the part of the donors, not as part of a plan to inflate his fundraising statistics.