Miele’s Musing: Use Your Vote! Keep the Politicians Honest!


In 1986, Ronald Reagan said, “I’ve always felt the nine most terrifying words in the English language are, ‘I’m from the government, and I’m here to help.’” He understood the growing mistrust that Americans had, at the time, for their government.

The Reagan days are gone. Ronald Reagan brought America back from the time when the socialist Jimmy Carter almost ruined our country. We lost the world’s respect during Carter’s presidency, and this loss of legitimacy is happening again today, thanks to President Obama and his partners. He and his cohorts are definitely socialists, and if we do nothing we will become a communist country. Early in his presidency, Obama mentioned he wanted a “civilian national security force.” When the conservative media sounded the alarm, he backtracked, saying that he was misunderstood. But I think he meant every word. A communist takeover needs power, and his idea of a national security force could be his way to get there. Few struggling taxpayers do anything to help themselves.

People forget that the most important votes cast in government are their own. They either don’t vote, or always vote the same way, causing incumbent politicians to get comfortable and lazy. The politicians take ever-higher salaries, get pension plans, and take long vacations, on the taxpayers’ dollar, and all they have to do is fool the people into voting for them over and over. Years ago, politicians didn’t even get paid, or took only a token salary. It was a privilege to serve. But most politicians today never had a paying job out of office, or hold office for their whole lives, which is not right.

Between 1982 and 2010, 2,958 elections were held in New York State for individual senate and assembly seats, and only 39 times incumbents lost. In 2008, 212 combined incumbent senators and assemblymen won 80 percent of the vote—that’s right, 80 percent—and 57 ran unopposed. No wonder the politicians feel they can break promises to voters or take advantage of their offices. They are almost guaranteed to be re-elected. There should be a limit to how many times a politician can run. Let’s get together and break them up, so they can find jobs and go to work as we do. Now is the time, before it is too late. The people, when united, are more powerful than any government.

Get involved! The power of the people works. Save your future, and your children’s. Although taxpayers pay the bills, we are not organized. We vote either for a party, or for the brand name with the best commercials, like Obama. He promised everything, a big change. Has he kept his promise? People, remember: the right and privilege most important to your freedom is the right to vote. Don’t vote for the party or for a rock star, but for the person you can trust.

The flamboyant Jimmy Walker, mayor of New York City in the 1920s, famously remarked, “Will the voters remember in November what I did in May?” Taxpaying citizens, again and again I stress: the people alone can save America. Bring America back!