No National ID!

Local political activist responds to Diane Dimond’s call for national ID


Last week’s column by Diane Dimond (re: National ID Cards) chilled me to the bone. Yes, we need a better system than we have now, but what Ms. Dimond suggests is truly unnerving.

The biggest flaw in Ms. Dimond’s reasoning lies in her assumption that our government would actually use a national ID card for the beneficent purposes she states. In truth, the government has power, and means above and beyond anything assigned to it by the Founding Fathers, to enforce the existing laws pertaining to her stated issues. While bureaucracy slows the system by unnecessarily choking it, the main reason we can’t get a handle on, for example, our illegal immigration woes, is because our government refuses to do so.

If it spent half the energy on enforcement that it is currently expending to track down and prosecute states that attempt to follow the federal laws, the issue would be much less momentous. And there’s no database, she says? That can and will be remedied easily enough. As for Ms. Dimond dismissively calling those in opposition to a national (or enhanced) ID card alarmists, one look around and a little bit of common sense would be jarring to any formerly slumbering citizen. I would remind her that this nation was founded on the principle of state sovereignty. Other than to protect its citizens, ease legitimate interstate commerce, and levy enough taxes to fund its most minimalist needs, federal government was to take a back seat to the states.

We are now at a point where our Constitution and Bill of Rights are on life support. Federal government trumps state sovereignty, and it continues to search for ways to further empower itself at the cost of our liberty. The healthcare law is but one example; if not repealed, by the time it is fully implemented, even its staunchest supporters will realize that the issue was control over us, not administering health care. This new leviathan would not make hay with citizens handing over their most intimate private information?

We currently have efforts underway to strip us of our First, Second, Fourth, Fifth, Ninth and Tenth Amendment rights. We have Congress ignoring the will of the people, justices of the Supreme Court rewriting unconstitutional laws before ruling on them, and a president of the United States vowing to act without the other governmental branches. And he does so regularly. Like a real life horror movie, we have drones flying overhead which can monitor our conversations through the walls of our houses.

Our private sector, the only engine of true economic growth, is being regulated out of existence while more and more citizens are being pushed into government dependence. Our nation’s sovereignty is being willingly ceded to the United Nations and its globalist member nations. Meanwhile, our school children are learning songs about our ‘Dear Leader’ as part of their regular ongoing indoctrination.

We have our US flag defaced with his picture in place of the field of stars, and our Air Force One repainted with his logo and campaign slogans. We have citizens asking permission of our president for medical treatment for their elderly kin…and being DENIED. Empowered to follow the federal government’s lead, we have states enacting bans on salt, sugar, large sized drinks and trans fats. At all levels we are being taxed to infinity, with much more to come.

I agree with Ms. Dimond’s contention that government already has too many ways to monitor and track us citizens. Do they really need another one? Yes, we need a better system. But with all that is unfolding around us, Ms. Dimond honestly believes that our government would not use against us the private information an enhanced ID card would hold? This is the United States of America. We chip our pets, not our citizens.