Meet the Candidate Colin Schmitt (R, New Windsor)

99th Assembly District (Town of Stony Point and parts of Orange County)


New York is suffering. Our state is suffering because of the status quo political groupthink that has plagued us for generations. Turning away from the exodus state we have become and rebuilding the Empire State will require a new class of courageous elected officials of character and belief in making government stand up, protect the people, give New Yorkers opportunity and allow the economy to grow.

I am proud to be running as exactly that kind of candidate, the grassroots Republican conservative alternative in the September 13 primary for the 99th Assembly District.

I have seen our state from all ends. I have seen it from the eyes of the State Assembly where I worked for Annie Rabbitt for many years, witnessing firsthand what dedicated, principled conservative leadership can do for this state. I have seen the damage our state government does to our small and medium size businesses, having worked for a New York-based private international business consulting firm.

I have the battle scars from personally fighting to reform New York, from my position as founder and chairman of New Dawn, a New York State-based reform group. I understand the burdens that everyday New Yorkers are dealing with in an environment where thousands flee every day to the South and West and greater economic opportunity.

I have had enough. I do not want our state to suffer any more. I do not want to see any more friends, family, neighbors, and fellow New Yorkers have to leave this state. I decided to run for State Assembly so I could do something about it. As a lifelong New Yorker, I am willing to first admit that we are suffering, but that we can do better.

Indeed, we must.

We can start right here in the newly drawn 99th Assembly District and you can elect a private citizen and passionate New Yorker ready, willing, and able to take on business as usual in Albany and fight to beat back the suffering in our state. My positions are simple and straightforward. Building off of years of reform work in the areas of budget and ethics reform and job creation, it is evident to me that our state needs to take several critical and immediate actions.

First, the next generation of elected officials must limit the very positions we seek to hold. Ethics reform and cutting the problem from the source is a critical place to begin. Making elected officials be public servants again will cure many of the ills our state suffers through.

Next is advocating for tax and mandate relief. Without relief, the cost of living in this state, for both individuals and businesses will continue to be untenable. It also does not matter what this state does if we do not get government out of the way and allow the private sector to thrive and create jobs for every New Yorker that needs one, be they a high school sophomore or a recent college grad, or those seeking part-time work in retirement and everyone in between.

I will also never waver in protecting our Second Amendment Rights and standing up to protect life.

We can end the suffering. We can start to rebuild our state for all New Yorkers to benefit. This race in the 99th Assembly District is a prime place to begin this work. I am an underdog; anyone who thinks outside the box politically in New York is. Challenging the status quo in New York is not easy, but it is the only thing that will make a difference. Join me; let’s create a better state together and end the suffering.