Letter to the Editor: Angry Reaction After Castaldi’s Lesbian Union Leads to Removal of her Conservative Party Endorsement

Dear Editor,

Is New York Conservative Party Chairman Mike Long crazy? I ask this as an over two decade Town Chair of the New Paltz Republican Party. Talk about the tail wagging the dog? I have known Janis Castaldi for many years. She & her spouse have been much-loved guests of the Historic Hotel I am “The Greeter” for, upstate. We have had many hours of discussions about local politics, New York politics and the nation, at large. While not always agreeing, we manage to solve most of the problems through intelligent dialogue, common sense & compassion. All of these traits I look for in my communities’ local candidates.

Janis Castaldi has all of these traits & many more. If she has been endorsed by the local, grassroots, boots on the ground Conservative & Republican parties, then who is Mr. Long to try & influence this important local election. Like many of the Old Guard, it is okay to let a dangerous man like David Carlucci remain on Albany because Janis happened to marry the woman she loves?

This is legal Mr. Long!

The higher courts have just upheld same sex marriage as THE LAW OF THIS STATE OF NEW YORK! As a proud American & New Yorker, surely Mr. Long, you can’t want to just ignore New York State Law, can you? You aren’t advocating breaking the law, are you, sir? I ask the voters of Janis Castaldi’s Senatorial district to look beyond the antiquated blind prejudice of the 19th Century & walk into the light of a united future for ALL citizens, with senators like Janis Castaldi representing ALL peoplee. Come on, this is the 21st Century & we are proud Republican & independently-minded voters, are we not?

Leon ” Butch” Dener
New Paltz

Editor’s Note— Conservative Party Chairman Mike Long has stated many times that no pro-gay marriage candidates will receive an endorsement from the Conservative line if he has anything to say about it. In this instance, because the Senate district overlaps two counties, he does have a say. The Conservative Party platform states it intends to overturn 2011’s marriage equality law and under Long’s leadership this is considered a signature issue of the party.