How “Bureaucrazy” and ShopRite’s Absurd ID Policy Have Conspired to Deprive One Senior Citizen of Beer

Dear Editor,

I am an 81-year-old Senior Citizen. An resident of New York State, all those 81 years! I am also a 35 year retired employee of New York State.

During the early years, of my state employment the Social Security Administration, offered New York State employees the opportunity to join the Social Security System, which I did. Recently, I filled out an application, waited in line to apply for a non-drivers i.d. card at the Department of Motor Vehicle office in West Haverstraw. (I do not own a New York State drivers license, and at age 81, show no interest in obtaining one). I presented the application, with Social Security card, I received from the State of New York at time of joining system, to the agent at the motor vehicle office.

I was informed, that the card was not a valid Social Security card. Therefore I was denied request for non-driver I.D.card. I had an expired Passport, Veterans ID card, Medicare ID, Board of Elections card, Town of Haverstraw Senior Citizen’s ID card, Volunteers Firemen’s ID All were invalid for applying for non-drivers ID card. After a second failed attempt, I became frustrated with the bureaucracy. After a cooling down period of a few weeks, I thought I would go to the Social Security Administration office for an ID card.

Filled-out another application and waited approximately an hour, before explaining the situation. This time, in addition to all the previous mentioned IDs I also had a Birth Certificate, proof of my Contributions to Social Security System. All which were invalid for a Social Security ID card! The final suggestion was to get a dated, signed issue of my medical record from my physician, with a copy of my medical chart! Return again, Wait again to see another agent.

Now, you must wonder, why am I going through this annoying and frustrating procedure. Well, you may laugh at the reason, ShopRite stores refuse to sell me beer, with-out motor vehicle driving license ID. I only hope you are not as frustrated, after reading this “saga” as I was describing it. Senior Citizens remember, show your motor vehicle license—or go dry!

A man’s wisdom gives him patience, it is to his glory to overlook an offense.

John E. Long