Dumb & Dumber

Dear Editor,

Every time you have run into Dumb & Dumber there is always another situation that is Dumber. I have shopped in the Shoprite Supermarket in Garnerville for many years but had never purchased a six-pack of beer. Bought a lot of things and the beer today.

Got to the ‘checker’ and she said “I must have your Driver’s License.” I said, “Is this a joke?” You see I’m a WWII Vet. (And we all know how old we are) And sort of look like I also fought in the war between the states. She said “this is no joke” and looked annoyed. I pulled out my wallet dropping cards all over and found the license… leaned over and she said “take it out of the card holder and give it to me.” I only hand my license to the police, not some dufuss in a supermarket. But I kept quiet. Now she called over the floor manager and even though I was calm throughout this I felt the police might be called and I would be taken away as a terrorist for trying to buy beer when under-age. I finally got the beer, but now it was payback time.

Each bag was packed with almost 40 pounds. Now that’s not bad if you push it across the counter, but I had to carry six bags upstairs.

So thanks a lot Shoprite and don’t give those older people a break. Think I might start looking into Stop & Shop!


Martin Bagrosky, WWII Vet
Thiells, N.Y.