President Obama’s own handlers revealed as the original “birthers”

An early 1990s biography from a major literary agency promoting Barack Obama has been found, which shows that Obama and the agency, Acton & Dystel, had promoted the ambitious author and law school graduate as having been born in Kenya. The bio was uncovered by investigators at Breitbart.com.

In addition, the bio emphasizes Obama’s time growing up in Indonesia before the State of Hawaii. At the time Obama was working on the book “Journeys in Black and White,” which ultimately would be titled “Dreams From My Father.”

Ironically, Obama supporters have lambasted anyone who has questioned his origins as “birthers” and often accuse such persons of being racists. The investigators at Breitbart who uncovered this bio made clear that they do not believe Obama was born in Kenya, but have said it is relevant that the president of the United States would portray himself as being of foreign origin at any point in his life.

Obama supporters, and his assistant at Acton & Dystel at the time of the bio, have said it was nothing more than a clerical error made by the agent, which Obama never even signed off on.