Clarkstown Taxpayer Group Member Says PBA Contract Process was “Corrupt”

Once again political corruption has reared its ugly head in the kingdom of Clarkstown. Our king and his clones, Supervisor Gromack and the board, continue to undermine and violate the open meetings law, adding numerous resolutions to the agenda at the last minute intending to purposely hide their unethical behavior from public scrutiny. One of the most egregious occurred this past Tuesday as the board announced an agenda item that simply stated “approving a memorandum of agreement with the clarkstown P.B.A.”

When questioned, the board revealed another mega-million dollar giveaway to them. This repeat performance was used last year, days after an arbitration settlement with the same union. Combined our king, who has publically stated he is the one who only knows what’s best for us, gave away in total an over 25 percent pay raise or over 8 1/2 million salary increase in less than one year. That is if you add the negotiated raises together over the course of the agreed-upon years. Town employees in return contribute to his re-election campaign, give him political endorsements and offer a block vote to keep this career politician in office to continue this cycle of legal extortion of taxpayers.

No concessions were achieved with the police, only increased guaranteed salary, overtime and sick-pay lottery payments. When our state rose to the level of fiscal insanity,our governor,demanded a three-year pay freeze on state workers or else “layoffs.” Our county, now in their own self-made quagmire of fiscal mismanagement, will be needing to do the same including layoffs. Clarkstown is following their example. Wait until their is an unmanageable bill due and I’m sure by then, they will be long gone, facing no consequences from the public.

— Frank Grandel
New City