Letters: Rockland County Republicans – A Call to Action

Dear Editor,

2012 is a unique opportunity for ALL Rockland County Registered Republicans who are unhappy, frustrated, disappointed and disgusted by the last 30 years of the lack of leadership and ineffectiveness of the county’s Republican party. All county Republican Committeeman/person seats are up for ‘election’ this year – over 500 openings! Before you say ‘I don’t have the time or money to run for an office’ you should know that the process is simple, straight forward and is accomplished through the use of petitions.

You can ‘run’ in any district in the county and in the vast majority of districts you will run unopposed. All you need to do is collect 5 – 20 signatures from registered Republicans in the specific district that you choose. That’s it – you are ‘elected’ by virtue of the petition which simply needs to be turned over to the County Board of Elections. And once “elected” you cannot be dismissed by the county or town committee chairpersons.

If you believe that you don’t know anything about being a committeeman or what responsibilities are involved, I can tell you from personal experience that the current committeemen don’t know any better than you- just look at their track record. By becoming a committeeman you will finally have a real say in the selection of future candidates without the backroom, turncoat and highly suspect deals of the past. If you are not willing to do this for yourselves then do it for your children and grandchildren. Help us recapture the principles of individual liberty, limited government and fidelity to the Bill of Rights.

To learn more, join us on May 22 or May 29 from 7 to 9 p.m. at Rocco’s Family Restaurant, 170 S Main St, New City, NY, ph# 845-638-1375 in the Clarkstown Mall. We will assist you in selecting the right district and provide you with valid petitions that must and will be accepted by the county Board of Elections.

Barry Silverman
Registered Republican
West Nyack, NY