Irish Restaurant Dosey-Do in Stony Point

Word is that the formerly defunct pub and restaurant Lynch’s, once located at 337 N. Liberty Dr. (9W), the current site of pub and restaurant Sheeran’s, will be reborn, taking the place of the recently deposed pub and restaurant Noel’s at 79 S. Liberty Dr.

Hopefully Lynch’s will have better luck at 79 S. Liberty than Noel’s had there last year. The Irish pub and restaurant was run out of town by the Stony Point PD and the Liquor Authority after a several year successful run at the location.

Across the street and up a hill from Noel’s, once stood the Mexican restaurant and pub Fiesta Cancun, one of the most popular restaurants in all of Rockland County for over 25 years. Fiesta was also ran out by the deadly duo of the SPPD and the state Liquor Authority, leaving in its place a poor substitute called “Las Margaritas.”