And in this week’s installment of the “The Spectator,” John Maloney tells the story of “Songs and What They Remind Me of”


“All or Nothing at All’ – What the IRS sings to us taxpayers
“Take Me Out to the Ballgame” – Supervisor Chris St. Lawrence’s theme song
“The Exodus Song” – Store owners leaving the Nanuet Mall
“Home on the Range” – House wife who doesn’t go out to work
“It’s a Sin to Tell a Lie” – You’ve been informed that government tax returns have been audited
“Somebody Else is Taking My Place” – Song of a desperate candidate
“It’s De-Lovely” – Tax refund check arrives in the mail
“Who’s Sorry Now?” – All those who voted for President Obama
“I’ll Walk Alone” – What might happen is gas prices go to $5 a gallon
“Where and When” – The mystery of President Obama’s birthplace
“I’ll Walk Alone” – A guy who forgot to use deodorant
“I Can Dream Can’t I?” – The Mets win the World Series
“I’ve Heard that Song Before” – What a cop says when you try to talk
“You Made Me Love You” – What Knicks fans are saying about Jeremy Lin
“Fly Me to the Moon” – Newt Gingrich’s theme song
“That’s My Desire” – Mitt Romney’s White House song
“Comedy Tonight” – Any county legislature meeting
“Don’t Rain on My Parade” – What the organizers of the Pearl River St. Patrick’s Day Parade want
“Send in the Clowns” – A joint session of congress
“Guys and Dolls” – The combo that makes the world go around
“Wouldn’t it be Lovely” – Gas prices return to $1.50 a gallon
“What Kind of Fool am I” – Rush Limbaugh and his radio show
“Good News” – Timothy Dolan becomes Cardinal of New York
“I Believe in You” – What voters are saying about Governor Cuomo
“Mr. Wonderful” – 17 veterans returning from Afghanistan
“I Only Have Eyes for You” – NYPD Commissioner Ray Kelly and the Muslim community
“Bridge Over Troubled Water” – Plans for the new Tappan Zee Bridge
“Celebration” – What the Republicans hope to be doing in November
“Crying in the Chapel” – The groom never showed up for the wedding
“Hard Day’s Night” – Clarkstown Highway Department planning after midnight
“I Apologize” – President Obama’s theme song
“It’s Impossible” – Trying to get Congress to agree on anything
“Close to You” – What Rick Santorum say to Mitt Romney
“Bells are Ringing” – A who lives next door to a fire house
“Leaving on a Jet Plane” – Hilary Clinton’s song as she travels all over the world”
“Higher and Higher” – Where the gas prices are going
“Earth Angel” – Donna Miele, publisher of the Rockland County Times.

And dear reader, I’m sure you could come up with some more song titles that remind you of someone or something.