New Square “Circus”

Two Surkis brothers arrested in less than a week

Mug shot of Pinches Surkis, 17, of New Square

On Wednesday, Dec. 28, Ramapo detectives arrested Pinches Surkis, age 17, of New Square.

He was charged as follows:

1.       Regarding a December 20 incident in New Hempstead – one count of Robbery 3rd degree

2.       Regarding a November 10 incident in Wesley Hills  (Wesley Hills Park 91 Willow Tree Rd)- one count of Robbery 3rd degree and one count of Attempted Sexual Abuse 3rd degree.

The counts were all Class D felonies and Surkis was arraigned by Ramapo judge Rhoda Schoenberger and remanded to the Rockland County Correctional Center  on $50,000 bail.

The grand jury handed down indictments on the two robbery charges but the sex abuse charges did not stick when the victim denied any such occurrence on the witness stand.

On both November 10 and December 20, Surkis had allegedly approached a woman seen in New Square and asked her if she is looking for work. When she answered in the affirmative, Surkis invited her into a car and asked for sex. When she said no, allegedly he robbed her of her purse.

Police had also accused him of sexual abuse charges due to their belief or understanding that he had laid hands on the woman in a suggestive way, possibly groping her breasts. The victim did not testify to this, however.

In a twist which may be unrelated, Surkis’ older brother, Chaim Surkis, age 23, was arrested by Ramapo Police officers after a domestic incident on Bush Lane in New Square. He was charged with Assault 2nd and Resisting Arrest after becoming combative with the arresting officers. There were no injuries.

He was arraigned by Ramapo Judge Alan Simon and released on $500 bail. He is scheduled to appear at a later date in the New Square Justice Court