New Hempstead Road and Washburn Lane reopen

The Rockland County Highway Department announced on Tuesday that the section of New Hempstead Road between the County Office Building exit driveway and North Main Street in New City was to re-open by the end of the day. Work has been completed ahead of schedule to replace the Demarest Kill Bridge that runs under New Hempstead Road. The section of the roadway has been closed to traffic since May 2011 and a temporary road was set up through the parking area adjacent to the Chase Bank building.  There is still work that needs to be done such as replacing sidewalks.
Washburn Lane in Stony Point re-opened Friday, November 11. This project began in September of 2009 after a collapse of the roadway at a high point. It was initially was predicted to be completed within a year but ended up taking slightly over two years, and was delayed as recently as one month ago, when the Highway Department first said its reopening was imminent.