Today, October 26, 2011, Shaul Spitzer of New Square was arrested on a charge of second-degree criminal contempt, a class A misdemeanor. The arrest resulted from an incident which occurred on October 4, in front of the Rottenberg family home on Truman Ave in the Village of New Square.

Spitzer violated an order of protection issued against him, as a result of a criminal charge against him for assaulting Mr. Rottenberg as well as attempting to set the Rottenberg home on fire earlier this year. The order of protection was to protect the Rottenberg family and ordered Spitzer to stay away from the family home (among other protections). After investigation into the incident, an arrest was made.

Spitzer was arraigned in Ramapo Town Court and released on his prior bail. His return court date is November 21 in the Village of New Square.