George W. Bush Library Dedicated in Dallas Current president Barack Obama joined former commander-in-chief George W. Bush and several former presidents at the dedication ceremony for the presidential library which bears Bush’s name on April 25, marking an unusually nonpartisan display for high-profile Democrats and Republicans. Attendees included former presidents Jimmy Carter, George Bush Senior […]


East Ramapo School Board President Resigns from East Ramapo School Board East Ramapo School Board President Daniel Scwartz announced that he would be resigning on Monday, making him the most recent in a string of departures by officials from the divided school district. Schwartz explained he left because “Personal and business obligations” prevented him from […]

Timelines 4/4/13

Pistol Permit Opt Outs Flood County Clerk Offices In response to a provision in New York’s new gun control law allowing pistol permit holders to exempt themselves from Freedom of Information Law requests, county clerk offices have reported a deluge of opt outs from permit-holders. If an applicant fills out a form released by State […]


Stephen Baldwin Avoids Felony Charges with Plea Deal Actor and Rockland resident Stephen Baldwin recently reached a plea deal with county prosecutors in which he will plead guilty to one charge of failing to pay income taxes and pay a hefty invoice in exchange for staying out of prison. Baldwin will be required to pay back […]


Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez Dies of Cancer Following a long battle with cancer, former president of Venezuela Hugo Chavez died on March 5 at the age of 58. Coming to power as the winner of Venezuela’s 1999 election, Chavez began a long career marked by strong opposition to U.S. involvement in Latin America and socialist […]


Official Cause of Death Released in Late-Term Abortion Botch Authorities confirmed on February 20 that New Rochelle resident Jennifer Morbelli, 29, died from complications arising from a late-term abortion performed in Maryland. The cause of death was stated to be a result of amniotic fluid which seeped into her bloodstream, preventing clotting and causing her to […]