Skoufis Hours a Dud

Skoufis Hours a Dud

Either Stony Pointers are satisfied with their representation in state government so thoroughly that they have no questions or concerns for their elected officials or they simply have not been made aware enough of Assemblyman James Skoufis’ monthly constituent hours meetings. On Tuesday a big zero showed up to meet with Skoufis’ office ambassador Dustin […]

Skoufis happy “equal pay” legislation passes the Assembly

Assemblyman James Skoufis (D-Woodbury) announced that he helped pass legislation that he sponsored which would end wage discrimination in the state of New York. “It is a real shame that in this great state we have women doing equivalent work as their male counterparts yet they are not being paid the same amount,” Skoufis said. […]

Skoufis: ‘Thruway toll hike is a trickle- down tax’

Democratic Assembly candidate for District 99, James Skoufis, had this to say about the NY Thruway’s proposed steep toll hikes for commercial drivers. “Now is not the time to require businesses that deliver the goods we depend on everyday to pay a 45 percent toll increase. The economy is still struggling; we have not yet […]