Hurricanes and Earthquakes and Halloween Blizzards, Oh My!

Hurricanes and Earthquakes and Halloween Blizzards, Oh My!

Rockland gets Slammed by Storm Again BY LAUREN KATE ROSENBLUM AND DYLAN SKRILOFF The weather has been going mad. And the Earth too, remember the rare Northeast tremor felt this summer? The latest dose of unusual activity is the unheard of late October snowstorm that dumped around 6 to 8 inches on most of Rockland […]


Theft ring brought down in NYC Over 100 people were arrested in connection with a far reaching NYC crime ring. Service employees such as bank tellers and restaurant workers ripped information from residents and tourists, stealing the identity of thousands. Out of the 111 people charged with crimes, 86 are in custody. The others are […]

You Can Run but You Can’t “Highed”

Operation High-Rise nets 40 arrests Press Release edited from Rockland DA’s Office Rockland County District Attorney Thomas P. Zugibe announced at a press conference on Monday the arrest of 22 individuals and the filing of criminal charges against 18 others on a variety of drug-related charges as part of a large scale undercover narcotics investigation […]

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