DIMOND: Bring Back Firing Squads

DIMOND: Bring Back Firing Squads

COLUMN BY DIANE DIMOND It’s clearly time to bring back firing squads. If we’re going to keep carrying out the death penalty in this country and if we are going to continue to grandly insist that they are “humane executions” then only a return to a firing squad will insure a speedy and relatively pain-free […]

DIANE DIMOND COLUMN: A Whistleblower’s Worst Nightmare

BY DIANE DIMOND¬† Justice is supposed to be blind. But what happens when it turns out to be blind, deaf and dumb? Sadly, there is not enough space here to tell you the entire 7-year saga of whistleblower Michael Winston, but the bottom line is this: He got royally screwed by the California judicial system. […]

Kids and Guns and Public Safety, by Diane Dimond

BY DIANE DIMOND Uncle Jim used to herd a group of us kids into the car on a sunny Saturday morning and head to an isolated area outside town. His son, little Jim, my two cousins Sandy and Terry and I were full of anticipation. We were going target shooting — with a real gun […]

Kaitlyn’s Calamity — A Mess of Her Own Making

BY DIANE DIMOND Here’s a lesson everyone needs to learn. Don’t violate a court order. It will only make your problems worse. There is never an acceptable excuse for going against what a judge has ordered. Not even if you think it is unfair. Not even if it’s a matter of the heart. Not long […]

Time to Rethink Law on Teen Sexuality

BY DIANE DIMOND If an adult has sexual relations with a 14-year-old, that’s bad, right? OK, well what if that “adult” has just turned 18 years old and has a younger teen as a love interest? Would their actions be as serious a crime as, say, a 40-year-old with a young teen? The law says […]

Americans in the Government’s Bull’s-eye

BY DIANE DIMOND Americans are being unfairly targeted by their own government. The proof is undeniable. It is clear that two of the nation’s biggest and most intimidating agencies — the Internal Revenue Service and the Department of Justice — have overstepped their bounds by trampling on citizens’ rights. We should all be outraged. You […]

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