“The Great Pretender Murder Mystery”

By George J. Dacre A Lot Of Fun At Westchester Broadway Theatre Singer, director, actor, John Fogarty and a very talented cast put on “The Great Pretender” Monday evening at the Westchester Broadway Theatre and your reviewer loved it. With great fifties music taking them from scene to scene Fogarty and John West, who played private eye Jack […]


Puddin’ Don’t is a creation of Jake Barlow, inspired by all manner of silliness, like Berkeley Breathed’s Bill the Cat, Chuck Norris Facts, The movie Machete, and the great Marty Feldman. Puddin’ Don’t can be found daily online at www.puddindont.com.

Penguin Repertory, Stony Point Sets 2012 Season of Four Plays

Penguin Repertory, Stony Point Sets 2012 Season of Four Plays

BY GEORGE J. DACRE The Penguin Repertory Theater is beginning its 35th season on May 18 with the classic “The Hound Of The Baskerville”. Artistic Director Joe Brancato and Executive Director Andrew Horn run “The gutsiest little theatre off Broadway with a lawn”. “The Hound Of The Baskervilles” by John Nicholson and Steve Caney is […]

Snakes, Refugees and Winemakers along South Mountain Road

BY HARRY WAITZMAN A wiff of Spring’s pollen tickles my nose, Many storms ago, Crosby’s pool filled with leaves, this year his grapevines are thicker than wrists, his thumbs and pinkies measured sturdy reds. The world of the 30s changed barns into homes; In the 90s homes became castles along the Road.   Copperheads bite […]