Product vs. Process BY CHRIS HANLY Investment Consultant, Gary Goldberg Financial Services As the first quarter of 2012 comes to a close, I’ve been meeting with clients regularly to review their portfolios and discuss our results. Needless to say, there’s been a fair amount of smiling and sincere thanks. While we will certainly pat ourselves […]

Miele’s Musings — Give Mom And Pop The Business They Deserve

BY PUBLISHER EMERITUS ARMAND MIELE Small businesses and stores in Rockland County are struggling to pay their bills. We customers should never forget this. We should do all we can to patronize local businesses, because they are the backbone of our community. Mom and Pop, and all small business owners, put in long hours, always […]


Dear Editor, The Town Board of Orangetown held a Workshop Meeting on March 22, 2012 to generate public comment on the future of the Rockland Psychiatric Center and the adjacent Broadacresgolf course. I addressed the meeting and expressed my opinion that Broadacres was not the prime issue. The key issue is that the Town needs […]


Dear Editor, I am responding to the comments of Legislator Ed Day that appeared in the Journal News on March 30 regarding Rockland County Intelligence Unit funding. Mr. Day stated that 50 percent of the arrests come from Haverstraw. We get the insinuation. That would be like someone saying that all the larcenies from the […]

Miele’s Musings — Bring Back Our Country In November!

BY PUBLISHER EMERITUS ARMAND MIELE This year’s presidential election could bring back America as we once knew it, if the Republicans nominate the right candidate, and if the voters pay attention. If you read this column regularly, you know that if you vote for Obama again, you are voting for a mixed-up socialist government. But […]

Senator Gallivan Sponsors Legislation to Reform the “Scaffold Law”

Business community, lawmakers revive movement to repeal one of nation’s most regressive laws “New York State is routinely hailed as one of the most adverse environments in the nation for creating jobs, retaining jobs, or attracting jobs. To change that, New York needs to examine its own regulations and red tape that deter private sector […]