Not Your Father’s Pharmacy

BY DIANE DIMOND Pharmacies have become a go-to place for addicts They used to be the friendly neighborhood place where you went to get razor blades or Band-Aids, toiletries or the occasional prescription the doctor gave you. Today, as America’s population uses more prescription medications than at any other time in history, the face of […]

Ramapough Lenapes to Oppose “Fracking” at May 5 Ceremony

The Ramapough Lenape Tribe of Native Americans will hold a public ceremony on Saturday, May 5 in Mahwah to join with other Native American groups and the general public to oppose the practice known as “Fracking” to drill local bedrock for the extraction and production of oil and natural gas, particularly on tribal lands where […]

Miele’s Musings — 4/19

The Fear of Cancer The Rockland County Times has often re-run this popular Musing. In honor of all those struggling against cancer, we reprint it again, as published in my book, Born Minus: From Shoeshine Boy To News Publisher, An Italian-American Story. You have worked hard all your life, and taken care of your family […]

Reconnecting Rockland: “Get Out & Walk”

BY JARED RODRIGUEZ A forward thinking (and backward looking) monthly column on zoning, planning, and development by Jared Rodriguez, a Stony Point native schooled in civil engineering, architecture, and real estate development. In “Back to Our Roots” Parts 1 and 2, I discussed the virtues of the good ole days we’ve left behind in Rockland […]

Your Tax Dollars Circling the Drain

BY DIANE DIMOND What if your boss decided to reward you and your fellow workers with an all-expenses-paid getaway? Wouldn’t that be great? You could stay in a nice hotel and spend some quality time networking with your colleagues, and in the evening you could enjoy cocktails and special entertainment and indulge in expensive dinners. […]

Reconnecting Rockland

Originally published February 2, 2012 “BACK TO OUR ROOTS,” Part I BY JARED RODRIGUEZ A forward thinking column on zoning and planning by North Rockland’s favorite son Jared Rodriguez, a recent graduate from the NYU Master’s program in Real Estate Development, as well as an adjunct professor at NYU I was lucky to have known […]