Letter to Editor

DO NOT REBUILD TAPPAN HISTORIC BRIDGE Dear Sirs, Your recent story about rebuilding the Historic Tappan Bridge was quite eye-opening, thank you, as you have depicted how the superintendent of highways is not only totally incompetent and derelict of his duties, but now planning to waste useful capital resources, taxpayers funds, to rebuild a bridge […]

A Crime and Justice Wish List for 2013

BY DIANE DIMOND Where do I even begin with my annual Wish List for the New Year? Because the fog of despair still hangs over us from the elementary school shooting in Connecticut — and because the list of individually meaningless gun-control ideas continues to grow — I’m compelled to start there. I fervently hope […]

Another Side of TSA

BY LISA FARBSTEIN From the Office of Public Affairs, Transportation Security Administration Five weeks ago, 745 Transportation Security Administration (TSA) employees put their lives on hold, packed their suitcases, kissed their families goodbye and headed to New York-without their uniforms. These TSA employees, representing more than 200 airports from across the nation, saw a need […]


Dear Editor, Now that the national elections are over it may be time for citizens to turn their focus and civic passion onto our towns, and county. While the federal political scene may be more “sexy,” it is our dour, plain local government that probably has a bigger impact on our lives. Not only does […]