Teen Texts Can and Will Be Used Against Them in a Court of Law

BY DIANE DIMOND Everyone knows teenagers say and do stupid things. Sometimes, really stupid things. And unless you’ve kept the teenager in your life under a rock, they also text each other way too much. A criminal case in Massachusetts highlights how both those behaviors –thoughtless actions and texting out every thought in one’s head — […]

County Executive’s Corner: A Chance to Wear the Badge

By Rockland County Executive Ed Day There is one relatively easy way to help diffuse the tensions we see across the nation between police and the communities they serve: encourage communities to become the police. Integrating the community into the police force is a key to successful community policing. Here is Rockland, residents now have […]


To the Editor, Take a serious look at what our once fantastic country has fallen to. A country where cops are criminals and felons are victims. People that don’t work get a free ride on the backs of those that do. We don’t contribute enough, claim the Democrats. The president bargains with terrorists, we supply […]

Here’s the Law. You Decide

BY DIANE DIMOND What’s that old axiom? Prosecutors have so much power they could indict a ham sandwich? Apparently that does not apply when it comes to career politicians who are seeking the highest office in the land. Minutes after FBI Director James Comey’s news conference, at which he outlined the bureau’s yearlong investigation of […]

County Executive’s Corner: Using Money to Make Money

By Rockland County Executive Ed Day We send a lot of our money to the federal government in the form of the taxes we pay. It’s nice to get some of it back. We got a whole lot of it back last week, when I announced that $2.38 million in federal grants were being awarded […]

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