County Executive’s Corner: Taxes: Everyone has to pay up

BY ROCKLAND COUNTY EXECUTIVE ED DAY   Last spring, I announced an aggressive campaign to collect $2.9 million in taxes from owners of delinquent non-residential properties. The message was simple: pay your taxes like everyone else or risk losing your property. I am happy to report that this effort has been wildly successful.  We have […]


To the Editor, Catholics have the same freedom as other citizens in making choices. They also have the duty to follow a well-formed conscience, a conscience formed not by fad or personal convenience, but by Catholic teaching. Catholic faith and teaching have condemned abortion since the earliest days of the Church. Every unique human life […]


To the Editor, The NYS Public Service Commission is poised to make a decision on Suez Water’s demand that Rockland ratepayers pay $54 million for its failed desalination project, which would have drawn our drinking water from the Hudson River downstream from Indian Point nuclear power plant. If approved, ratepayers could be stuck paying a staggering $82 million including interest over […]

DIANE DIMOND: Cohabiting? To Protect Yourself, Get Married

BY DIANE DIMOND You’ve probably heard that if a couple lives together for — blank — number of years they are, in effect, legally married in the eyes of the state. Some people think that their relationship magically becomes a common-law marriage after seven years together; others believe it happens at 10 years. I’m here […]

ELEPHANT DOPE: America’s Heroin Epidemic Just Got More Deadly

ELEPHANT DOPE: America’s Heroin Epidemic Just Got More Deadly

BY DIANE DIMOND It is an opioid that’s 10,000 times more potent than morphine. A minuscule dose, no bigger than a snowflake, can kill a person on contact. Carfentanil is a synthetic anesthetic designed to tranquilize elephants. So why in the world is such a deadly ingredient being mixed with heroin? Perhaps its smarter to […]

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