County Executive’s Corner: Turning the Hudson River into a Parking Lot

By Rockland County Executive Ed Day Rockland is blessed to be surrounded by the majestic beauty of the Hudson River. The Hudson has always played a central role in the life of people in Rockland and my administration has worked has to attract tourism and create recreational activities based on our proximity to this national […]

Clarkstown’s Watergate?

BY MICHAEL HULL A Google search will quickly reveal the definition for unlawful or illegal surveillance. Here is one: “Illegal surveillance is the monitoring of a person’s activities or property in a manner that breaks regional laws. Depending on the region, wiretapping, recording a conversation without consent, following a target either in person or electronically or […]

Fix the Ghetto

BY DIANE DIMOND Fear, anger, cries of racism. This is what seems to envelop America these days. It’s all dished up daily by presidential candidates and the media. There are so many people taking offense to what others say or do that I can’t keep track of it all. It’s exhausting. A restaurant owner in […]

County Executive’s Corner: Rockland Unites Against Intolerance

By Rockland County Executive Ed Day Two things happened in Rockland last week that illustrate the past we are working to leave behind and the future we are embracing. The first was an unprovoked, inexcusable attack on two separate homes in New City where rabbis live. Someone put high-powered firecrackers outside these homes while the […]

VOICE OF THE LEGISLATIVE MAJORITY: Getting The Best Deal For Taxpayers

VOICE OF THE LEGISLATIVE MAJORITY: Getting The Best Deal For Taxpayers

  BY LEGISLATOR ALDEN H. WOLFE (D- Montebello) Chairman Rockland County Legislature I was very proud to work with my colleagues in the Legislature to develop a real, comprehensive plan to find the best deal for taxpayers on the Sain Building- and one that meets all legal requirements. After being presented with a single offer […]

County Executive’s Corner: To Build Rockland Pride Through Service

By Rockland County Executive Ed Day It’s been a long, hot summer and many of our young people spent time lazing at beaches and swimming pools. Many, but not all. And certainly not the 27 college-aged students who are spending the summer in the Rockland Conservation & Service Corps. The program is run by the […]

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