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A slot-player from Thornwood, New York, hit a jackpot worth nearly $1 million at Empire City Casino on Sunday, November 13, the second largest in the 10-year history of the Yonkers casino. An impromptu, afternoon visit to Empire City turned into $961,411.81 for Linda H. when the casino regular player made a $10 wager on the $5 denomination Wheel of Fortune slot-machine in the Gotham Palace.

“It was such a shock,” said Linda. “I couldn’t believe my eyes. It was surreal, and a dream come true. Everyone dreams of hitting the big jackpot.”

“My husband (Edward) and I go to Empire City a couple of times a month,” she added. “He was at the casino, but wasn’t with me, and didn’t have his cell phone. He met me after all of the excitement.”

It was just over a year ago, on October 25, 2015, that Howard G. of Suffolk County, Long Island, scored Empire City’s record-breaker, a life-changer worth $1,473,503 on the Wheel of Fortune Triple Star slot machine. “Wheel of Fortune is my favorite game because there are generous jackpots and I like the idea of spinning the wheel,” said Linda. “I hit a $4,000 jackpot on ‘the Wheel’ last year, but nothing like this.”

Linda’s hit eclipsed former runner up Manuel Esteche’s $571,049 by almost $400,000, and was the 12th six-figure jackpot of the year at Empire City. Another $900,000-plus jackpot is still up for grabs on a Wheel of Fortune slot machine at Empire City.

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