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1275936389-flo-progressiveProgressive Insurance’s omnipresent advertisement icon Flo is known to most Americans by now, but did you know the actress behind Flo is a native of Rockland County?

On Monday, October 10, the woman behind Flo, Stony Point’s Stephanie Courtney, will come back home, appearing at a fundraiser for Penguin Repertory Theatre in Stony Point.

An on-stage interview between Courtney and a questioner will highlight several performances beginning 5:30 p.m. at the theatre. A buffet dinner at the Gilmore Sloane House at 6:45 p.m. and a chance to meet and greet with Courtney will cap the evening’s festivities.

Tickets for the fundraiser are $125. Contact or 845-786 -2873 to make reservations.

So, how did Courtney come up with her interpretation of Flo? In a 2013 interview with the Rockland County Times Courtney said, “They wanted her very quirky and kind and helpful in the audition. So I went overboard on all three!”

She also credits her mom for some of Flo’s good-natured characteristics.

Courtney’s dad was a longtime North Rockland High School social studies teacher and her mom served as a district trustee.

Not surprisingly, Courtney was a standout stage performer at North Rockland High School according to her former drama instructor Michael Roth.

Courtney moved to L.A. 20+ years ago and worked her way through smaller productions for many years. She was a member of the well-known L.A. comedy troupe The Groundlings. Finally she had her big break in 2007 when she was cast as Flo by Progressive Insurance.

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