Mr. Skriloff, Knowing your reputation for hard-hitting investigative journalism, and having seen your initial reporting on Legislator Sparaco’s recent fundraiser, I thought you might appreciate and find some substantially newsworthy items from his recent filing. 1) Someone was blowing smoke up your paper’s proverbial rear with the “$25,000 fundraiser” line. His campaign filings reveal that […]

Automatic License Plate Readers

BY MATTHEW SHI According to a report released by the American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU), police departments across the United States have adopted the use of automatic license plate readers (ALPRs). The police departments use these ALPRs to store information about people’s movements and locations in databases without the people’s knowledge. The report revealed that […]


But not before several candidates get bounced due to technical blunders! In Spring Valley, four candidates have been knocked out of the mayor’s race due to petition challenges: Joseph Gross, Bernard Charles, Anthony Leon and Miguelino Joseph. Leon and Gross have filed motions to defend their petitions in court, but rival candidate Daniel Friedman said […]

Sparaco Reveals More Tapes; Context Does Not Change

BY MARC MOSS On Tuesday night Marc Moss and Dylan Skriloff of the Rockland County Times were shown several hours of further footage from County Legislator Frank Sparaco’s tape-recorded conversations with Councilman Frank Borelli, Highway superintendent candidate Dennis Malone and a Democratic Party attorney. The tapes made headlines last week as they apparently showed a […]

Congress hits at the IRS for inconsistency, the IRS hits back with weak damage control

Congress hits at the IRS for inconsistency, the IRS hits back with weak damage control

By Michael Riconda On July 19, Representative Trey Gowdy (R-South Carolina) delivered an impassioned criticism of the Internal Revenue Service, and particularly its former Exempt Organizations head Lois Lerner and White House Press Secretary Jay Carney, for contradicting themselves in presenting their narratives of the targeting of activists by the IRS. Specifically, Gowdy took issue […]

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