David Fried Praises Rockland’s Historic Patriotic Sites

To the Editor, Ever been to Gettysburg? How about Philadelphia’s Independence Hall and the Liberty Bell? Did you ever have a class trip to Washington DC? These are all sites rich with history – where American blood was spilt, where the great American Experiment began to take shape, and where we enshrine our principles and laws. […]

Gannett Mole: Four Menial Employees Fired in 2013 to Cover Costs from Gun-Map Fallout

ROCKLAND COUNTY TIMES EXCLUSIVE How much did all those armed guards and hotel rooms for executive editors cost the Journal News earlier this year, not to mention lost subscribers? The newspaper had to go into virtual lock-down after giving law abiding gun-owners the “sex offender treatment” following the Newtown massacre. Journal News publisher Janet Hasson and […]