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Who’s the Boss?
Posted June 29th, 2013


We know Legislator Ed Day is the standard bearer for the Republican Party in Rockland County’s all-important county executive race, but last Wednesday, June 19 when he and fellow GOPer Legislator Frank Sparaco held fundraisers on the very same night within a few miles from each other in Orangetown, who drew a crowd?

Happy crowd lives it up at Sparaco's major spring/summer fundraiser

Crowd lives it up at Sparaco’s major spring/summer fundraiser. Sparaco seated second from right

Surprisingly, it was the junior legislator from Valley Cottage who reeled in 120 guests at Casa Mia in Blauvelt and according to sources raised as much as $25,000, while Day had 60 or so attendees at his function at Del’arte Ristorante in Orangeburg. Fundraising deadlines are July 15 and we’ll know the exact dollar numbers then. Sparaco had advertised the dinner as $100 for guest.

Day has been holding fundraisers every couple of weeks or so, while Sparaco’s event was his major fundraiser for the year, but optics are still optics and Day and Sparaco are known to be intraparty rivals, so it is fair to presume that younger legislator got a thrill from outperforming his fellow pol (regardless of what he admits on the record).

Sparaco isn’t running for any office this year, but he’s gained a reputation of having clout and influence in county politics since he helped unseat former Independence Party Chairwoman Marsha Coopersmith in 2010. He also is considered one of the best grassroots political activists in the business and might register and bring out more otherwise dormant voters than any other person in Rockland.

A quieter scene at Day's fundraiser

A quieter scene at Day’s fundraiser

It isn’t clear if the dates of the fundraisers were incidental to each other or purposefully planned on the same day by one of the pols.

Day and the GOP executive committee led by Chairman Vinny Reda– whom Sparaco counts as a close friend and ally–are known to butt heads frequently, most recently over Day’s decision to receive the endorsement of Preserve Ramapo.

Update 8/1/13:

Sparaco’s fundraising stats:

Day’s fundraising prowess:


  1. lady patriot says:

    Dylan, I have followed your articles for a while now. You have stood up to the status quo and have courageously surfaced issues related to the backroom deals made between the GOP and Democrats in Rockland. I’m not sure what’s going on here, but it seems to be contrary to your usual stance. What happened? No one should ever feel that in order to get what they want, they must compromise their principles. Our principles should never be for sell to anyone.

    1. dskriloff says:

      This article is bringing up the same type of info; just pointing at it from a different angle. Fail to see the controversy. The reporter decided to compliment Sparaco slightly…but other than that, it’s the same old inside info the paper usually dishes. BTW the GOP wasn’t even happy this article ran, so all these critics sound hilarious.