DA REPORT: ROBBERY & ATTEMPTED ROBBERY Tony Hunt, age 43, residing at 21 Martin Court, Hartford, CT, was indicted on January 30, 2013 by a Rockland County Grand Jury for the crimes of robbery in the first and second degree and attempted robbery in the first degree. District Attorney Thomas P. Zugibe stated that on […]

Mandatory Drug Tests — for Kids?

BY DIANE DIMOND There’s a community-wide conversation going on in Kansas City, Mo., that should also be taking place around the country. It has to do with high school kids’ use of drugs and alcohol. The discussion revolves around the question: How can adults adequately convince a teenager that drinking too soon or using narcotics […]


Sheriff Louis Falco III announced that February  7, 2013 at approximately 11 a.m., detectives arrested suspended Rockland County Sheriff’s Correction Officer Daniel Whittaker at his residence at 5A Blue Hill Commons, Orangeburg. Whittaker was charged with three counts of criminal possession of a weapon, fourth degree (Class A misdemeanors) as a result of a January 9 search warrant […]

2012 Clarkstown Drug Busts and Mug Shots

2012 Clarkstown Drug Busts and Mug Shots

From Clarkstown PD The Clarkstown Police Department has released the names of persons arrested by the Department’s Anti-Crime Unit; these arrests were made during the period of May 2012 and December 2012. Due to the nature of narcotics investigations and on-going drug interdiction enforcement activity, the release of more specific information regarding these arrests will […]